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COMMUNITY FORUM  December 8, 2015, was well attended!  In case you missed it, take a look at the presentation using the link below:

Additional explorations of transforming DHS into a 21st century facility were completed over the past several months, PLUS the 10-year Life-Safety Audit results are in.  These two new pieces of information were presented at a community open house on December 8, 2015.  Access the presentation here:  DIXON HIGH SCHOOL – Public – Presentation-Revised-Reduced


COMMUNITY FORUM  Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 6:30pm

Over the past few months, the district and its architect team have been taking a more comprehensive look at renovating DHS.  This suggestion was made at the Community Forum in May. District leadership acknowledges the community’s ties to the castle, and supports looking into ways to save the high school building, which is a key component of Master Plan “Option A”.   Additional work over the summer included an update to the facilities life-safety study as required by the state.  The results of the life-safety study identify actions that are required to ensure that each school building is safe for its occupants.  The results of this study have also informed the exploration of strategies to renovate DHS.  Please join us to learn about the options for school facilities in Dixon!



Community Forum #7 was held on May 7th at the DHS Cafeteria.  The Forum began  at 6:30, and about a dozen community members attended an optional school tour which began at 5:30.   The agenda included a a short presentation of FUNDING strategies and options, and community-based working group members shared their findings.

To access the presentation shown at Community Forum #7, click the link below:


Additional information was requested to be included in the Master Plan Options summaries.  Click here to take a look.

Please note that the Sauk Valley News article published 4/3/15 includes a more accurate and updated summary of the Master Plan Options for Dixon Public Schools. Check out the article here:

Please ALSO NOTE that the image accompanying the article, shows a design for ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL IN ANOTHER DISTRICT, as noted on all of our Master Planning Option B exhibits. In our exhibits, this rendering is shown SOLELY for the purpose of illustrating the idea of a new high school on a new site. If Option B is selected, then a process will be conducted to select a new site location and specifically design a new high school for Dixon.  To see or download the current Master Plan exhibits, check out the FB Album: “Master Plan Options – 2015-0327” and/or access these exact same exhibits HERE:  DixonMP_OptionA+B_2015-0327

Please note that the Sauk Valley news article, published on 4/1/15, referenced old information on the Master Plan. The School Board narrowed the options down to two that are posted here on the master plan website as well as on our FaceBook page. The two remaining options include updated costs as well.

3/27/15 UPDATES of the DIXON PUBLIC SCHOOLS MASTER PLAN OPTIONS are now available.  DixonMP_OptionA+B_2015-0327


As suggested at Community Forum #6 (2/23/15), we welcome your comments and ideas on the Master Plan for Dixon Schools.

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The Community Forum previously scheduled for March 16th is Cancelled.  PLEASE STAY TUNED for the next Community Forum date and time.


Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey about your school facilities.  Click here to access the survey:

Over 700 survey responses have been collected so far!

Virtual Tours of American Schools now available HERE!  Enjoy! 

NEW:  Case study school:  Renovating a Land-locked Historic High School  check it out! Historic School Renovation_Case Study 01_CHUHHS


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